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Las Vegas

Water Softening and Filtration

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Oasis specializes in dealing with the Vegas Valley's Hard water.  Did you know we have the 3rd worst water in the nation? Softeners, Refiners, Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline Water; We've got you covered.  Oasis's units are overbuilt, but not overpriced.  They are assembled locally and designed for our harsh water.  Call us today for a free consultation and find out about our professional lifetime warranty solutions.  We have systems for  any budget.  

Does Everyone Need a Water Treatment System?

No, not everyone needs a water treatment system.  Most homeowners do find themselves dissatisfied with the local water quality though.   Water Treatment is a great way to ensure you are drinking and cooking with water that is safe for your family.   The hard water we have in the valley adds extra wear and tear to your home's plumbing system.  On a day to day basis we see this hard water build-up on things like shower heads, faucets, glass shower doors, and our dishes.  What we don't see, is the extra damage on the inside of valves, cartridges, our piping, and water heater.   To ensure your plumbing system stays in tip-top shape and that your family is provided with safe, clean water, we do highly recommend a water treatment system.

Clean, Filtered, Soft Water 

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Overbuilt, Not Overpriced

Why Choose Oasis?  What To Expect?

Here at Oasis Plumbing, we strive to live to our softener's & filtration system's motto, "Overbuilt, not Overpriced".  Our continual goal is to provide the best units you can find in the valley, with the best installs, with the best professionals, at a fair and competitive price.   We are not about sales, we are about providing the right filtration needs for your family for many, many years to come.  Below, we have outlined a few of the many qualities that set us a part from our competitors. 

& Fair Pricing

We cut out the middle man (the salesman or big box store). You deal directly with a water filtration plumber, who is extremely knowledgeable on filtering and softening our harsh Las Vegas Valley water.  Why pay for sales or a franchise fee? Our units are priced off the units themselves and the installs. 

With Pride

Our units are assembled locally with pride.  We use the best qualities of softening resin, carbon, KDF, Quartz, and so on.  We use medias in our units that work; there is no snake oil here. They are tested and proven filtration and softening methods.


We take great pride in doing our part to ensure our great country keeps jobs here.  We also get a higher quality product that will last you many many years to come.


Don't settle for an installer.  A plumber will ensure the install is done right and to code.  This will ensure the best performance out of your new unit for many, many years to come.  We don't reduce piping into our units either; we want to ensure you keep your water pressure the same as before.

For the Vegas Valley

We have designed our systems and sourced our media to properly handle our water in the valley. Our water in the valley is  one of the worst in the nation, so it is necessary to use correct products that are built to last.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to be the company you can trust for as long as you are in the Vegas Area.  We stand behind all of our work and products.  

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Oasis Whole Home Units
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Water Refiner

We offer a complete line of point-of-use water filtration, alkaline systems, mineral systems and reverse osmosis units as well!  Check out The Purifier here!

Call us today to set up a Complimentary, No Obligation consultation at your home!