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Winter Weather & Water Softening?

When we think of winter, our minds race to warm cozy fires, cool temperatures and the holidays. With the cooler temperatures, the Vegas Valley also brings a new level of dryness. Las Vegas’s climate is dry all year but as the temperatures drop humidity is further pushed out and we feel our skin, lips and hair drying out further. Lotion, chapstick and conditioner become staples to get through the winter. When you are filling out your winter wishlist you might not be thinking of Water Softening and Filtration, but let us explain how it actually is a great idea!

Las Vegas is a dry climate with harsh sun and low humidity but that’s not all we are forced to deal with. Las Vegas is prone to some of the hardest water in the country. While we may not be able to treat the air around us always we do have options for significantly improving the water coming into our home. Water softeners are great for extending the life of your plumbing system and appliances but many people do not realize all of the benefits they bring to ourselves as well. A whole house water softening system gives our hair and skin a fighting chance through dry winter days!

With whole home water softening dry, brittle, tangley hair becomes a thing of the past. Harsh, Chlorinated water can be treated in a manner that leaves behind soft, chemical free water. After an Oasis Plumbing Whole Home Softening and Filtration system is installed you will notice your hair feeling much better prepared for winter. By removing harsh minerals and chemicals in the water our shampoos and conditioners are able to be much more effective and sufficiently lather up. You also find yourself using much less soap to effectively treat your hair.

Dry skin returns to form with water softening and filtration as well. By removing harsh minerals and treating the water not only does soap lather better and work more effectively but your skin as a whole does not have to absorb hardness from the water it self. What once was an irritant through the winter disappears and you are left to comfortably enjoy one of the happiest times of the year.

Oasis Plumbing and Filtration was founded to bring quality products and services to the Vegas Valley at fair prices. With our Softening & Filtration line we set out to offer the best solutions for our local water at fair prices that anyone can afford. Give us a call or shoot us an email to learn more about how we can significantly improve your winter experience. Among other things you will also be protecting your home’s plumbing system, appliances and faucets. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Oasis Plumbing!

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