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Garbage Disposal Repair

In today’s kitchen plumbing systems, along with making clean up a lot easier, a garbage disposals unit helps you to prevent drain clogs and protect your pipes. Garbage disposals break down larger chunks of food into smaller pieces so that they can move through the drains with ease. If you are missing this important plumbing fixture from your kitchen, or if you’re looking for a replacement unit or help with repairs, call our professional plumbers today. Oasis Plumbing offers quality garbage disposal service including installation, repairs and replacement services.

Oasis Plumbing provides garbage disposal service near Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Keep your disposal working right!

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

When your garbage disposal breaks, you shouldn’t put off making repairs for long. Your garbage disposal plays an important role in protecting your pipes from drain clogs, and we recommend all homeowners get their broken disposal units fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

Without a working garbage disposal, your job in the kitchen is a lot more difficult. You have to make frequent trips out to the garbage can, and your trash starts to develop odors a lot faster. When your garbage disposal breaks, schedule replacement or repairs as soon as possible for your comfort and convenience.

What to do when your Garbage Disposal stops working?

  1. Check the power.  Make sure your Garbage Disposal is still plugged in to the wall.

  2. Check the reset underneath.  On most units there is a red reset button on the bottom.  If this is tripped try reseting your unit and turning it on again.

  3. If your Garbage Disposal still isn't working, its time to call your local plumbing experts!

What you can do to prevent future issues?

Don’t toss everything down that drain! While tempting, keep in mind that garbage disposals, like any other household fixture and appliance, must be used and maintained properly. We suggest using cold water when grinding your disposal. Hot water melts fat and grease that may clog or damage pipes down the line.

Here’s a quick list of things to keep out of your disposal’s way:

  • Egg Shells

  • Potato peels

  • Bones

  • Grease

  • Non Food Items

  • Dairy

  • Coffee Grinds

Call us today with any of your plumbing issues!